Clip: Weigel plays Ruiz-Pipó

Antonio Ruiz-Pipó was a Spanish composer who was born in Granada on the 27th of April 1934. He studied piano with Alicia de Larrocha and composition with Salvador Bacarisse. During Franco’s dictatorship, he escaped to France where he spent his life until he died on the 24th of October 1997. He taught at the École Normale de Musique and the Conservatoire de Musique both in Paris and he composed may works for guitar solo and in different chamber music combinations.
Ruiz-Pipó wrote and dedicated some of these works, like the concert for guitar and orchestra in homage to Narciso Yepes, to his good friend and colleague Wolfgang Weigel. Thanks to Weigel, we can nowadays find reviewed versions of all Ruiz-Pipó’s pieces. Indeed, this great guitar player worked very intensively with the composer to make Ruiz-Pipó’s compositions more suitable for the instrument but without modifying their essence.
Estancia Nr. 1 is part of a cycle of three pieces named Estancias composed by Antonio Ruiz-Pipó in October 1967 and dedicated it to his friend, the guitarist Karl Scheit.

Wolfgang Weigel performs this piece exclusively for Guitar TV World in a wonderful interpretation that was recorded in October 2014 in Münster, Germany.