Services / Video production


Our audiovisual production services are aimed at professional musicians, music festivals, guitar makers, guitar accessories companies, music publishing companies and to everyone who wants to promote and advertise their artistic projects or products. To achieve this, we provide professional film and audio equipment and our knowledge in photography and audio production in order to guarantee a product of the highest quality, but also based on an artistic concept.
Besides offering a wide array of audiovisual formats like video reports, publicity spots, trailers, video clips, making of and video portraits, we also offer you the opportunity to present them within our internet platform which will allow you to reach a more extensive audience worldwide!

Some examples of the audiovisual formats we offer include the following:

Video portrait

This is a video format to introduce the artist and his activity. It is made of outdoor video shootings and extracts of playing performances. This includes a description about the artist read by a narrator and includes subtitles in several languages.
This kind of format does not include an interview.



It is a video format designed to promote a particular artistic idea such as a new concert program or an already existing CD recording. It consists of extracts of playing performances together with a small interview including subtitles in several languages in which the artist has the opportunity to introduce the new project.


Video clip

This is the recording of one complete piece.


Advertising spot

This format consists in the production of an advertising spot to announce a product, idea or event. It is short, but concise and direct . This spot is “embeddable ” in our productions as a special way of advertisement (see section Services / Advertising)

Services / Audio production


Over the last fifteen years, we have been been working intensively to achieve the best quality in our audio recordings.
Not only the best equipment but also our personal professional career as musicians allow us to recognize and capture the most natural sound of each instrument.
It is precisely this peculiarity which makes the difference of our sound: the beauty of nature!
Four factors are necessary to get the most natural sound: high-quality recording equipment, talented players, great instruments and the best natural acoustic response. For this reason, we usually do not record in studios but in churches or concert halls.
We are specialized in recording classical instruments, especially classical guitar. We have worked together both with soloists and different kinds of chamber music ensembles like guitar duo, trio, quartet and guitar with voice, violin, cello, flute and much more.
Since we are working in collaboration with different labels, we can offer complete CD productions of the best quality not only in sound, but also appearance (design, booklet, photography, etc.) and marketing platforms.

If you are looking for a recording with your true sound, with us you can find it!


Please contact us for more details about our video production services!