Clip: Käppel plays Kellner

David Kellner was a German composer and lute-player born in Liebertwolkwitz near Leipzig in 1670 and died in Stockholm in 1748. He was contemporary of very well-known composers like Johann Sebastian Bach, Georg Friedrich Händel and Georg Philipp Telemann among others. Together with them, he contributed to make Germany one of the leading European countries in music production of the baroque period.
Kellner was also a very modern music theorist at his time. In his book about the theory of music “Treulicher Unterricht im Generalbaß”, he explained intervals, chords, ornaments, modulations, progressions, consonances and dissonances using graphs.
He composed several highly regarded pieces for lute and 17 of them published in Hamburg in 1747 still survive.

For Guitar TV World, Hubert Käppel marvelously performs the Phantasia in D major which is considered, together with the Phantasia in D minor, to be Kellner’s crowning achievement in compositions.