Dialogues: Interview Hubert Käppel 1

In July 2014, we had the great pleasure to interview Hubert Käppel at his warm place.
We spent a wonderful day together in which we had the opportunity to talk about many interesting topics concerning Käppel’s didactic and artistic activities, his new publications and much more. From these conversations, we picked the out the best 30 minutes to produce an interview which we decided to divide into two parts.
Hubert Käppel teaches at the Cologne University of Music, but what does he think about the educational programs at music universities in general?
In his most recent CD, Hubert Käppel recorded 14 movements from Werner Henze’ s El Cimarrón. How did he manage to transcribe them for one guitar?
What are Hubert Käppel’s expectations from a young guitarist to become one of his student?

Discover all these and many more curiosities while listening to the interview with Hubert Käppel!

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