About us


Guitar TV World is a music channel specialized in one of the most beautiful, flexible and complete instruments that has ever existed: The Guitar.

We are professional guitarists with a vast experience in the field of photography and audio and video production. We lead this project working in close collaboration with professionals of other areas such as journalism, translation and moderation and we decided to join our skills with the purpose of developing an audiovisual project enabling us to present our instrument to as many people as possible at an international level. Our productions are mainly available in English, Spanish, Italian and German.

Our main objective is to offer programs of great interest within an artistic and professional concept while we carefully work on video and audio using high-tech equipment to produce high-definition materials.

Our work is targeted not only at a specialized audience but also at those who do not know The Guitar as an instrument of recitals. From this perspective, Guitar TV World represents the meeting point of two worlds which seem to be far away from each other: the one of professional guitarists and that of music lovers in general.

For us, it is extremely important to make a contribution to the world of the guitar through interviewing important personalities of the instrument, creating documentaries about guitar festivals and competitions, didactical series and many more.

We also offer audiovisual production services for professional musicians who are interested in presenting their artistic ideas and proposals in a high-quality format.

Dive with us into the amazing world of The Guitar and discover not only the magic of its music, but a new form of communication with your soul.

Welcome to Guitar TV World!

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